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Channel 4 : Special Presentation (5)
The Lego Batman Movie

On the evening of Thursday 2nd February 2017, Channel 4 broadcast these special shorts before the idents to promote the release of 'The Lego Batman Movie' on 10th February.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
'Lego Batman' (Awesome) promo.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
'Lego Batman' (Access) promo.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
'Lego Batman' (Wing It) promo.
50 Shades of Gay

A season of programmes exploring how gay life has changed since decriminalisation in 1967.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
'50 Shades of Gay' ident - first seen 24th June 2017.
Rise of the Robots

A short season of documentaries exploring how our lives may soon be transformed by the revolutions in robotics and artificial intelligence. The season, which also included three feature films, began Saturday 25th November 2017.
Channel 4Channel 4
An intelligent personal device (Alan) and a smartphone (Suki) introduce 'Countdown' and talk about the 'Rise of the Robots' season.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
'Can We Live with Robots?' trailer.
Vote 100

2018 marks 100 years since Parliament passed a law which allowed the first women, and all men, to vote for the first time. To celebrate this milestone three centenarian women took over Channel 4's continuity announcements. Millie, Beattie and Margaret were all born in 1918, the year when the Representation of the People Act gave some women aged over 30 and men older than 21 the right to vote. As well as providing the links to programmes throughout the week, Beattie, Margaret and Millie shared their experiences of what it's been like growing up as a woman over the past 100 years.

Jane English, 4creative Business Director and co-chair of 4Women - Channel 4's gender equality network, noted 'The centenary of women's right to vote is a milestone moment for gender equality. We wanted to celebrate how much has changed for women over 100 years, whilst acknowledging battles that are yet to be won.'
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
'100 Years and Counting' - a special short film that marks the significant progress women have made over the past century.
Channel 4Channel 4
Vote 100 idents - Millie.
Channel 4Channel 4
Vote 100 ident - Beattie.
Channel 4Channel 4
Vote 100 ident - Margaret (Hollyoaks)
Channel 4Channel 4
Vote 100 ident - Margaret (The Simpsons)
Channel 4Channel 4
Vote 100 idents - Beattie and Millie proud to celebrate the women's right to vote.
Channel 4Channel 4
Break bumper to tie-in with Channel 4's coverage of the European Rugby Union Champions Cup from October 2018.

On Monday 3rd December 2018 Channel 4 marked International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the worldwide #PurpleLightUp. Created by PurpleSpace, the #PurpleLightUp day asked us all to celebrate the economic contributions made by disabled people and to rubbish the notion that anyone is a financial burden on society. Throughout the day, the channel's regular idents were replaced with a special #PurpleLightUp ident. The ident returned each year up to 2021.
Channel 4Channel 4
The #PurpleLightUp ident. The latter video also marks the first time in its history that Channel 4 News had been live-signed.
Complaints Welcome

In August 2019, Channel 4 launched a campaign that celebrated the range and diversity of its stars by having them react to the complaints made against them.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
Two cuts of the 'Complaints Welcome' campaign.
4 All the UK

Also during August 2019, Channel 4 launched an ident to mark its March 2018 commitment to represent and serve the whole of the UK .
Channel 4Channel 4
All the diverse voices of the channel's announcers saying 'I am Channel 4'.
World Alzheimer's Day

Saturday 21st September 2019.
Channel 4Channel 4
Reminiscing about things from the past can help people with Alzheimer's, so Channel 4 revived their original ident specially to mark the day.
Black History Month

October 2020
Channel 4Channel 4
Black and Proud ident.
Diwali 2020
Channel 4Channel 4
To mark the start of Diwali - the five-day Hindu festival of lights - Channel 4 broadcast this special ident throughout Saturday 14th November 2020, and again on Thursday 4th November 2021.