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Channel 4 : 2017 Idents
At 8pm on Tuesday 31st October - just two days before the channel's 35th anniversary - the Channel 4 'Giant' rose up. Since September 2015 the channel's idents have explored the famous blocks' origins and discovery. Now, those same blocks have been regrouped into a towering silver giant that strides and booms its way across the UK.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
The Giant takes part in a kickabout in a street with a group of kids, until one misdirected kick of the ball smashes a window, and it races off.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
Competing against a group of wheelchair racers is too much for the Giant as it just can't stand the pace. Literally.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
Celebrating the diversity of cultures in Britain as the Giant arrives at the White Cliffs of Dover.
Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4Channel 4
As a broadcaster, Channel 4 caters for many different tastes, some of which may not appeal to all. As the Giant shouts from the hilltops, this becomes apparent...
Channel 4Channel 4
Updated version of Channel 4's 'Formula 1' ident including the 4 logo.