Terms of Use
6th December 2022
This notice explains the terms of use of The Ident Gallery.

General Information

First and foremost, The Ident Gallery is personal website that preserves the presentation material of many of the UK's television broadcasters. The Ident Gallery is not a business and no money is made by presenting this website. Also, The Ident Gallery is not connected with or affiliated to any broadcaster, media company or design/branding agency.


No copyright is claimed on any of the presentation material presented - that belongs to the original broadcaster or its successor business. Over the years The Ident Gallery has received many contributions from the broadcasters themselves and is grateful for those submissions. Therefore if content from The Ident Gallery (displaying this site's watermarks) is found elsewhere without permission, the right is reserved to pursue offenders.

For Users

Use of this site is solely at your own risk. Technology moves at pace and no guarantees are made that this site will function as intended on every conceivable browser. Viewing images and videos consumes large quantites of data and you are responsible for the costs of this.

Do not copy or download any images or video for either personal use or for uploading to social media. If you want to increase your social media library, invest your own time and money in doing the hard work.

For Broadcasters

Thank you for your continued excellence in producing some of the best television presentation in the world. The Ident Gallery is always willing to accept new content, but there are also times when you may want an item removing, or information to be corrected. Please do get in touch so matters can be resolved quickly.

Contact Information

You can contact the administrator of The Ident Gallery through the feedback form.