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Extra : Miscellaneous ITV

Extra : Miscellaneous ITV

Odds and sods from ITV channels that don't fit in elsewhere in the Gallery.


Broadcast on 7th January 2017, a loving recreation of the Thames skyline ident for a 'Morecambe and Wise' special, updated to include the capital's newest buildings.Ident / Specific Programme / 2017
Posted on 11th March 2017

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ITV Digital

The deal that killed ITV Digital - the cost of the Football League. Here's the promo for football on ITV Digital before it all went so badly wrong.Promotion / Sport / 2001
Posted on 21st August 2011

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ITV News Channel

'The trial of the decade' is how the ITV News Channel promoted its coverage of the trial of Michael Jackson in 2005.Promotion / News / 2005
Posted on 21st August 2011

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ITV Sport

ITV Sport pre-programme sting from 2005.Sting / Sport / 2005
Posted on 22nd August 2011

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ITV Sport pre-programme sting from 2009.Sting / Sport / 2009
Posted on 22nd August 2011

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ITV Sport pre-programme sting introduced with the rebranding of ITV's presentation in January 2013.Sting / Sport / 2013
Posted on 23rd January 2013

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Alternative version of the 2013 ITV Sport sting for football.Sting / Sport / 2013
Posted on 26th January 2013

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ITV Sport sting shown before coverage of the French Tennis Open from Roland Garros (June 2013)Sting / Sport / 2013
Posted on 1st June 2013

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ITV Play

ITV Play was a channel that broadcast from 19th April 2006 until 6th March 2007, continuing as a strand on the main ITV1 channel until December 2007. Consisting of mainly pay-to-play game, quiz and puzzle shows, it ceased as a channel when ITV announced that a full audit of all its premium-rate phone competitions would took place following viewers being overcharged for voting during 'The X-Factor.'

The launch promo for ITV Play on Freeview.Promotion / Channel Launch / 2006
Posted on 24th August 2011

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In mid-July 2014, a test of ITV2's graphics was spotted late in the evening. This was possibly as a pre-cursor to the launch of ITV Be, since the ITV2 logo was followed by a full stop in the manner of ITV Be's logo. A few days later on 19th July 2014, a similar test was shown, but without the full stop on the ITV2 logo.Testing / Special / 2014
Posted on 19th July 2014

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During an edition of 'You've Been Framed' on Saturday 25th March 2017 on UTV, this ITV-branded filler was played out during the commercial break.Filler / Special / 2017
Posted on 28th March 2017

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