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Towards the end of February 2019, STV refreshed its set of idents by revisiting and repurposing idents from the now-defunct STV Local and STV2 channels - just as it did at Christmas 2018.
People gathering in groups and clubs feature in this ident. (An STV Local original.)

HD11secGroups and Clubs ident (Short)
HD18secGroups and Clubs ident (Medium)
HD19secGroups and Clubs ident (Long)
This ident shows people having fun and pursuing leisure activities.

HD18secFun and Leisure ident (Medium)
HD21secFun and Leisure ident (Long)
Music, dance and nightlife ident. (An STV Local original.)

HD12secNightlife ident (Short)
HD17secNightlife ident (Medium)
HD25secNightlife ident (Long)
Ident featuring people in a variety of jobs and professions. (An STV Local original.)

On Saturday 17th April 2021, the long ident was played out with a more sombre soundtrack (used previously with older idents) to introduce the funeral of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Subsequently there have been shorter edits with the same music.

HD13secProfessions ident (Short)
HD18secProfessions ident (Medium)
HD23secProfessions ident (Long)
HD13secProfessions ident (Short) (Alternative Audio)
HD18secProfessions ident (Medium) (Alternative Audio)
HD24secProfessions ident (Long) (Alternative Audio)
This ident shows various forums of transport. (An STV Local original.)

HD17secTransport ident (Medium)
HD20secTransport ident (Long)
An ident featuring people at leisure, focussing mainly in preparing their image. Introduced late Summer 2019.

HD13secPeople ident (Short)
HD16secPeople ident (Medium)
HD21secPeople ident (Long)
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