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ITV1 : 2012 Miscellaneous Presentation

ITV1 : 2012 Miscellaneous Presentation

March 2012 Update

On 2nd March 2012, changes were made to break bumpers, captions and trailers. The signature gold effects backgrounds were replaced with plain black and a lighter weight of font used for the text.

Simple logo break bumper.Break Bumper / Day to Day / 2012
Posted on 4th March 2012

Compilation of break bumpers.Break Bumper / Day to Day / 2010
Posted on 9th April 2010
Updated on 30th April 2010

 Save Video  Watch 'Break bumpers' 12sec2592 ViewsBreak bumpers

Trailer end-boards.Trailer / Day to Day / 2012
Posted on 3rd March 2012

In-programme pointers.In-Programme Pointer / Day to Day / 2010
Posted on 7th September 2011