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S4C : S4C30
To mark the channel's thirtieth anniversary on 1st November 2012, S4C celebrated with a week of programmes looking back into the archives of the past thirty years of the Welsh-language broadcaster. As well as a special '30' logo, programmes were introduced with a selection of idents from previous years.
This ident is from the original 1982 presentation with the 'WaleS4Cymru' logo. It's followed by the titles (which include several more brief clips from the channel's idents) for the retrospective programme 'S4C30'.
Early 90s wet slate ident.
Mid 90s ident embracing the dragon theme prevalent in S4C's presentation.
One of the last idents from the series that were withdrawn when S4C became 'S4/C' in 2007.
S4C30 Trailer (Rugby)
S4C30 Trailer (Films)
S4C30 Next (1)
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