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MEGA's Christmas and New Year presentation graphics from 1998 until 2001

Looking into the crystal ball - two of the station idents for Christmas and New Year 2000-2001 on MEGA.
 Christmas New Year
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The first of the two break bumpers for 2000-2001 featured reindeer running across the screen - an element common to much of this festive season's presentation. The second is more similar to the idents above in that the theme of toys continues with the train set.
 Reindeer Train set
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The reindeer could be seen running behind the programme names in both the front and end captions of the festive trailers.

Over Christmas and New Year, and even past Twelfth Night, MEGA's permanent on-screen ID was decorated with a sprig of holly.

MEGA brought out the children for its Christmas and New Year greetings in 1999-2000.
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The main station ident for Christmas and New Year 1999-2000 was the standard blue ident given a minor visual change - the letters formed in black, not white and the coloured arcs animated differently - and the jingle had a festive touch.
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The trailers were dressed in a classic red, green and gold colour scheme.


From 1998-1999, MEGA offers the tradition all seasons greeting - 'Chronia Polla' - meaning 'Many Years'. The music is 'Deck the Halls'.
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Christmas and New Year break bumper from 1998-1999.
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Trailers from the 1998-1999 season - 'Coming Next' the film 'Devilish Body', and on Tuesday the Greek comedy 'With Two Mothers'


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