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MEGA Channel's presentation graphics from before November 1999

MEGA - 10 Years - A Full Life

To celebrate the tenth birthday of MEGA Channel on November 20th 1999, special stations promotions were aired that showed clips from MEGA's past ten years of broadcasting.

 MEGA - 10 Years Events
Real Video File7s - 140k FileReal Video File 38s - 374k File

 Current affairs Children's television
Real Video File38s - 373k FileReal Video File 25s - 242k File

 News Celebrations
Real Video File36s - 360k FileReal Video File 26s - 247k File

The full-length MEGA Channel station ident, last seen in November 1999.

Latterly, it was only used during programme transmission faults.

Real Video File36s - 345k File
MP3 File34s - 69k File


Two station idents were in use around 1998 - and both had MEGA's web site address promoted at the end. The idents also both had matching break bumpers.
 Ident Break bumper
Real Video File14s - 232k FileReal Video 8 File 6s - 124k File
MP3 File12s - 49k FileMP3 File 4s - 9k File

In this style, the ident had the same jingle as that above, whereas the break bumper had a second, softer jingle which was also used.
 Ident Break Bumper
Real Video File13s - 169k FileReal Video 8 File 7s - 119k File
 MP3 File 4s - 10k File

Sometimes, rather than play a full trailer, the break bumpers were extended and programmes promoted within them.
 Film: 'Alien' Beverly Hills 90210
Real Video File9s - 135k FileReal Video File 9s - 192k File

For a period in 1998, MEGA wanted to be 'Your Channel'.
 Station promotion Break bumper
Real Video File13s - 353k FileReal Video File 7s - 141k File
MP3 File12s - 30k FileMP3 File 5s - 11k File

Two fish tank break bumpers from the summer of 1999.
Real Video File5s - 73k File
Real Video File5s - 75k File

Towards the end of the 1998-1999 season, this break bumper was introduced.
Real Video File 5s - 90k File
MP3 File4s - 9k File

Big film premières were played out to a grand fanfare.
 Ident Trailer
Real Video File11s - 247k FileReal Video File 5s - 92k File
MP3 File9s - 38k FileMP3 File 3s - 13k File


'Prosekhos' was a short programme shown at various times during the day which told about the following or forthcoming programmes.
The style on the left was the one used at the start of the 1999-2000 season.
Later on in the season, the look shown on the right replaced it.



The style of MEGA's promotional trailers from 1997 until November 1999.
At the top, a trailer for a Monday evening drama serial.
In the middle, a Tuesday evening's line-up including 'Beverly Hills 90210' at 22:50.
At the bottom, Leslie Nielsen coming next, and a menu for two films on Sunday night.

On the left, a film première trailer from 1999.
On the left, from 1998, trailing a new series for Thursday evenings at 22:40 on MEGA'.


Also from 1998, two different styles of programme trailers - that match their respective idents above.


MEGA's standard presentation caption from 1998-1999.

Two production and copyright captions from the start of the television year 1999-2000.

Sponsorship captions from the years 1998 and 1999.
MP3 File4s - 11k File
MP3 File18s - 37k File
MP3 File9s - 39k File

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