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To celebrate the dawn of 2000, ERT (the state owned radio and television broadcaster) joined together with television companies from around the world for '2000 TODAY' - a twenty-six hour television extravaganza following the dawn of the new year in countries around the globe. The idents for the programme were designed in the UK by Lambie Nairn and the British Broadcasting Corporation for use by all the stations taking part in the event. In Greece, ET1 and NET showed them as replacements for their standard break bumpers.

The linking theme throughout all the idents and promotions is a distinctively shaped stone engraved with the year 2000. Here it is seen above the Acropolis, Athens on a caption for 'ERT 2000 Today'.

2000 Today - Desert
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2000 Today - Laser
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2000 Today - Water
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2000 Today - Fire
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2000 Today - Butterfly
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This was one of the trailers that was broadcast on ET1 in the weeks prior to New Year's Eve 1999.
The voiceover: 'More than six thousand people will bring the world to your home. Sixty television channels transmitting for your eyes only. The world in twenty-six hours - with ERT.'
The captions: '6073 People, 60 Television Channels'
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This was an alternative trailer for '2000 Today'.
The voiceover: 'The biggest worldwide television celebration in the history of man - 2000 Today. Stay with ERT for a unique television programme - a landmark in our lifes.'
The captions: 'The Biggest Television Production, 26 Hour Programme, Viewers'
Real Video 8.5 File23s - 396k File


External Link: Mark Grindon's 2000 Today Home Page

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