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The Celebrations of Easter on MEGA

Easter 2002

For Easter 2002, MEGA created a range of station idents that built further on the style broadcast over the previous two years.
These idents were played in full between programmes, whilst the station's standard break bumpers were used during programmes.
 'Happy Easter'
Real Video 8.5 File11s - 305k File
Real Video 8.5 File11s - 308k File
MP3 File11s - 65k File

On the Saturday of Easter, the following idents were played out.
 'Good Resurrection'
Real Video 8.5 File11s - 302k File
Real Video 8.5 File11s - 286k File
MP3 File11s - 65k File

From Midnight on Saturday through Easter Sunday and Monday, MEGA showed a third set of idents in celebration of the resurrection of Christ.
 'Christ is Arisen'
Real Video 8.5 File11s - 298k File
Real Video 8.5 File11s - 289k File
MP3 File11s - 65k File

Easter 2001

The style of MEGA's Easter presentation in 2001 builds on that of last year's in this station ident.
Real Video 8 File13s - 269k File
MP3 File11s - 44k File

The first of MEGA's Easter break bumpers this year was a shortened version of the main station ident shown above.
Real Video 8 File6s - 136k FileMP3 File4s - 18k File

The second break bumper, introduced the Sunday before Holy Week, shows scenes of landscape from around the country.
Real Video 8 File6s - 133k FileMP3 File4s - 17k File

The third was used towards the end of Holy Week, and shows the religious importance of Easter.
Real Video 8 File6s - 107k FileMP3 File4s - 17k File


At Midnight on Holy Saturday, the resurrection of Christ is announced with the words 'Christos Anesti' - 'Christ is Risen' and plenty of fireworks, as shown in this break bumper and ident.
Real Video 8 File 6s - 105k FileReal Video 8 File13s - 306k File
MP3 File4s - 17k FileMP3 File11s - 45k File

This break bumper and ident - carried over from last year - feature spring flowers showing the re-birth of the land.
Real Video 8 File 6s - 120k FileReal Video 8 File13s - 285k File

This final ident, also from last year, is the full version of the break bumper above that shows landscape scenes from around Greece.
  Real Video 8 File13s - 290k File


Easter 2000


For the celebrations of Easter 2000, special idents were created showing scenes from locations around the country. Each was accompanied either by the station's fanfare, or by stirring music.
Real Video File11s - 286k File
MP3 File11s - 44k File

Real Video File11s - 316k File
MP3 File11s - 47k File

Real Video File11s - 328k File
MP3 File13s - 49k File

Over the Easter weekend, this station ident - also used as a break bumper - featuring scenes inside a church, was used more predominantly than the others. It is also probably one of the best idents shown in recent years as it captures the essence of Easter.
Real Video File13s - 331k FileReal Video File13s - 339k File
MP3 File12s - 49k FileMP3 File13s - 54k File


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