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MEGA Channel was the first of the privately-owned stations to begin broadcasting in Greece - providing, for the first time, competition to the State-owned stations. Wholly owned by the publishing consortium Teletypos SA, MEGA Channel first went on air in November 1989 and has since become one of the most popular stations in Greece - usually fighting it out with ANT1 in the ratings. MEGA Channel is available terestrially to the whole of Greece, and is also one of the stations in the channel line-up on the Nova digital satellite broadcasting system. It also broadcasts its programmes in Cyprus, and in both America and Australia through the MEGA Cosmos satellite channel.

MEGA 2001-2002 - From October 2001 onwards  

After a summer of several styles, yet another has been introduced with the start of the 2001-2002 television year on MEGA. This time the main graphics have been rendered softer and rounder in three dimensions. The theme for this season is 'More Rendezvous on MEGA'.

MEGA 2000-2001  

After the summer of 2000, the winter season saw the continuation of MEGA's new look - with a few revisions. The most notable was the addition of the new tag-line 'Rendezvous with MEGA'.

MEGA 1999-2000  

On 22nd November 1999, a couple of days after MEGA's tenth birthday, the whole of the station's presentation underwent a complete change - to a fresher, more modern and mature style.

MEGA Spring and Summer  

The idents, break bumpers and promos played during Spring and the Summer holidays in 2000 and 2001.

MEGA Past - Prior to November 1999  

The presentation graphics from the years prior to and including MEGA's tenth birthday.

MEGA News  

A look at the current and past titles of the main news broadcasts on MEGA, along with those for associated bulletins.

MEGA Easter  

For Easter 2000, MEGA unveiled special versions of its new idents. These incorporated views from around Greece and religious life played mostly to respectful music.

MEGA Christmas  

Celebrate Christmas and New Year on MEGA with the festive presentation from the past few years.

MEGATEXT - MEGA's Teletext Service  

A comprehensive guide to the information that MEGA provides via teletext.

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