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STAR Channel is a privately-owned station that broadcasts terrestrially to the majority of the country, as well as through the Nova digital satellite system. In terms of audience share it ranks third to fourth with a schedule of children's cartoons, imported soap operas, international films and, more recently, home produced dramas, with the mainstay of the weekends being American drama serials. Also, since the beginning of this year, STAR has been increasing its current affairs output - lacking in past years. Also, ANT1's leading news anchor, Terence Quick, moved to STAR this year to head the main evening bulletin - bolstering the station's news status.

STAR Current  

The presentation graphics in use on STAR have not changed greatly in the past few years and consist mainly of dual-use break bumpers.

STAR Past  

Trailers and captions that are no longer used by STAR.

STAR News  

A look at the current and past titles of the main news bulletins broadcast on STAR, along with those for the sports, weather and stock exchange news reports.

STAR Christmas - 1999 and 2000  

Christmas and New Year idents and promos from the past three years on STAR.

STARTEXT - STAR's Teletext Service  

For a while, STAR broadcast several teletext test pages under the name 'STARTEXT'. The service has now been discontinued and the pages consigned to history - and here.

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