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NET's festive idents and presentation graphics for Christmas and New Year

For Christmas and New Year 2000-2001, Santa is back dropping presents off his sleigh for everyone!

The main ident this season ends with a card partly inserted in to an envelope bearing the greeting 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy New Year' - a theme seen in other parts of the festive presentation.

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Different versions of the break bumpers showed various parts of the whole animation, starting with Santa flying past in his sleigh, but all ended with the NET clapperboard.
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Seasonal trailers on NET - incorporating the same Christmas tree motif that was used on ET1's trailer captions.


Throughout the festive period, NET broadcast lengthy promotional trailers for the season. These were bounded the animation shown here.
A recurring theme of this year's presentation on NET has been the computer analogy - and here the arrow first clicks the NET logo which opens up the large envelope. Then, the arrow clicks on this releasing the greeting card. Next, the arrow clicks on the topmost smaller envelope which in turn starts the first trailer. After the final trailer, the picture becomes a window in to a family's living room with the legend 'Christmas 2000' above it.

For Christmas and New Year 1999-2000, NET replaced its standard break bumpers and idents with computer generated animations.

The first is a flight from outside a house, through a window in to the attic, finishing over a chest containing a toy soldier. The second is a panning shot of Santa Claus passing by a Christmas tree in his sleigh with a shooting star as a backdrop.

 Toy soldier Sleigh
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