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Seasonal idents and graphics for Christmas and New Year

The main station ident that ANT1 used throughout the Christmas and New Year season 2000-2001.
Real Video 8 File13s - 217k File
MP3 File12s - 51k File

Promotional trailers featuring the stars and celebrities of certain programmes were aired using extended versions of the above graphics.

A sample of the trailer captions used during the festive period.

For a few hours at a time, and for just for a few days before and not during Christmas, a couple of decorative baubles were added over the on-screen ID in the top left of the screen.

ANT1 first broadcast on New Year's Eve 1989 - meaning that 2000 was the station's eleventh birthday. To celebrate another year of broadcasting, this caption was used - 'Eleven years in your Heart - ANT1'.

1999 was therefore ANT1's tenth birthday - and great play was made of this with these combination festive and celebratory idents. Several variations were created - all backed by the same 'All for You' style jingle.
Real Video File13s - 129k File
Real Video File13s - 127k File
Real Video File13s - 128k File
MP3 File12s - 24k File

Programme trailers also received the golden touch.
 Trailer sting
Real Video File4s - 63k File
MP3 File4s - 9k File
Trailer sting with added sleigh bells
Real Video File5s - 53k File
MP3 File5s - 9k File


ANT1's tenth anniversary saw the channel's on-screen ident dressed up as well.

After ten years on-air, ANT1 both looked back to its past successes and forward to the year 2000 and the future in a special station promotion.

Also, on the eve of one of the most spectacular nights ever, ANT1 trailed its exclusive link-up with broadcasters around the world for a millennium music event - which, unfortunately, never came about.

 10 Years Promo
 10 Years Promo
Real Video File14s - 283k FileReal Video File 7s - 127k File
10 Years Promo
New Year's Eve
Real Video File45s - 457k FileReal Video File 56s - 562k File

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