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ALPHA Television - one of the major private stations - began broadcasting in 1999, after a transitionary period as A-Sky, on the frequencies previously occupied by SKAI Television. Its primary output is based on news, current affairs and talk shows, with the schedules filled out with cheap imported soaps during the daytime, and several of its own comedies and dramas in the evenings. The station is widely available terrestrially throughout Greece, and is the primary channel on the ALPHA Digital Synthesis satellite broadcasting system.

ALPHA 2001-2002  

All the latest graphics being shown on ALPHA.

ALPHA 2000-2001  

Over the 2000-2001, ALPHA's presentation saw various styles come and go. This section covers all the standard idents and related station graphics shown during the year.

ALPHA Past - From 1997 to 2000  

A brief look at ALPHA's presentation now consigned to the past.

ALPHA News  

The current titles of the main news broadcast on ALPHA, along with those for associated bulletins.

ALPHA Easter  

ALPHA's presentation during the celebrations of Easter week in 2001.

ALPHA Christmas  

Festive idents and station graphics from Christmas and New Year 2000-2001.

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