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The Spring and Summer season 2001 on MEGA

The Spring season began in May, and MEGA introduced a new station ident filled with Springtime imagery.
Real Video 8.5 File10s - 273k File
MP3 File9s - 39k File

The Spring break bumpers and the mystery of the disappearing parrot...
Real Video 8.5 File7s - 178k File
Real Video 8.5 File7s - 172k File
MP3 File 5s - 24k File

At the same time, new look green captions for the station's trailers began airing. The red captions appeared in June.

'Summer Rendezvous on MEGA' - the station promotion to launch the Summer 2001 season on June 25th.
Real Video 8.5 File67s - 1.8MB File

MEGA's station ident and break bumper for the Summer season 2001.

Not quite as inspired as last year, and regrettably, there are no variations in the visuals. The jingles are from the standard idents and break bumpers.

 Station ident Break bumper
Real 8.5 Video File13s - 295k FileReal 8.5 Video File7s - 203k File


The Spring and Summer season 2000 on MEGA

For a very short while at the start of Spring 2000, this station ident replaced all the others. The jingle is the same as that of the green station ident.
Real Video File11s - 291k File
MP3 File10s - 20k File

July 1st 2000 saw the introduction of a complete range of 'MEGA Summer' idents and break bumpers - all based on Summer imagery.
 Ident (Octopus)
Real Video 8 File11s - 283k File
Ident (Jet-ski)
Real Video 8 File11s - 249k File
Break bumper (Jet-ski)
Real Video 8 File6s - 143k File


To get into the Summer mood, this station promotion was run. It features scenes from Greek Summertime movies from the past and plays out to the song 'In the Summertime'.
Real Video 8 File33s - 910k File

Another promo was run trailing programmes for the Summer season. A shorter version was also used as a break bumper.
 Promo Break bumper
Real 8 Video File27s - 504k FileReal 8 Video File11s - 254k File

Into August and the time for many to make their way to the islands for their holidays. This station promotion for 'MEGA Holidays' shows pictures and imagery associated with sun, sea and leisure.
Real Video 8 File59s - 1.6MB File
MP3 File58s - 232k File

Towards the end of Summer with the skies starting to darken earlier, this break bumper was brought in for use in the evenings.
Real 8 Video File6s - 137k File

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