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The presentation graphics in use on MEGA during 2000-2001


On Monday November 22nd 1999, two days after its 10th birthday, MEGA Channel introduced a brand new look to all its presentation - most of which is still being used today. The familiar fan-style ident with its blocky typeface of the previous ten years was replaced with a softer style with swirling lines and a rounder typeface.

The blue station ident is used around general programming. The variant here was introduced January 2000.

Real Video 8 File11s - 279k FileMP3 File9s - 39k File
 MP3 File9s - 20k File

The red ident, a 1999 original, is used for programmes likely to appeal to women.
Real Video 8 File11s - 191k FileMP3 File9s - 20k File
 MP3 File9s - 20k File

Shows aimed at the youth age range use the green ident.
Real Video 8 File11s - 202k FileMP3 File10s - 20k File

Easch of the above idents has corresponding break bumpers with either a choice of jingle or visual.

The blue break bumper used in general programming.

Real Video 8 File5s - 108k FileMP3 File4s - 9k File
 MP3 File4s - 8k File

In programmes aimed at women, red break bumpers are shown.
Real Video 8 File6s - 102k FileMP3 File4s - 17k File
 MP3 File4s - 9k File

The green break bumpers are the domain of youth oriented shows.
Real Video File5s - 81k FileMP3 File5s - 21k File
Real Video 8 File6s - 117k File 



At the start of the winter season 2000, MEGA revised the look of its trailer captions and these are the results. It was at that time that the white trailers were introduced.

Note too, that this season also ushered in a new tag-line for the station - 'Rendezvous on MEGA' - and this is incorporated into these captions.

The symbols in the top right corner of the frames indicate the programme's audience classification - details are on the 'MEGA - Current' page.

From the start of the winter season 2000, news and current affairs broadcasts have been preceeded by this 'Informed' ident.
Real Video 8 File6s - 198k File
MP3 File5s - 24k File

Throughout the 2000-2001 season, the station's theme has been 'Rendezvous on MEGA' and this has been heavily promoted by the tag-line on all captions and by using the following promotional trailer showing life on the other side of the television screen.
There are two versions - the original here, and a second re-edited in a faster-paced manner.
Real Video 8.5 File75s - 1.6MB File
MP3 File73s - 289k File


This is the style of trailer for the films being shown in September 2001.

Also during September, MEGA has been trailing the big films for the forthcoming Winter 2001-2002 season.
'The Mask of Zorro', 'Notting Hill', 'The Negotiator', 'Armageddon', 'Six Days, Seven Nights', 'Godzilla', 'Stepmom' and 'The Horse Whisperer' have all been lined up.
All are broadcast in stereo.
MEGA Cinema
'More cinema doesn't happen'


In November 2000, MEGA's eleventh birthday was celebrated with plenty of on-screen fireworks...
 Idents Break bumper
Real Video 8 File12s - 201k FileReal Video 8 File 7s - 58k File
Real Video 8 File12s - 190k File 
MP3 File10s - 40k File 

MEGA's production caption. TELETYPOS SA, a major publishing consortium, wholly owns MEGA, and it is their name that is associated with all the station's productions.

MEGA's sponsors' captions for the season 2000-2001. The length of the music depends on the number of pages of sponsors there are.
MP3 File14s - 59k File
MP3 File17s - 71k File

All station graphics (C) TELETYPOS SA

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