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There are countless small independent television stations broadcasting to local communities all over Greece. In this section is an assortment of presentation from the stations available to Paros. Regrettably, due to location, weather conditions and interference from other transmitters, many of the video clips have low quality pictures, though the sound is usually all right.

TV1, Syros

'TV1 Syros - Television of the Cyclades' broadcasts from its base in Ermoupoli to the islands of the central Aegean. Like others, its schedule is restricted to the afternoon and evening hours. For the rest of the day, TV1 rebroadcasts the Greek music station 'MAD'.

Station logo from 1999

From 1999, the Christmas and New Year station ident from 'TV1 Syros' wishing its viewers the traditional greeting - 'Chronia Polla'.
Real Video File18s - 106k File
MP3 File17s - 35k File

ZEYS TV, Naxos

ZEYS (pronounced 'zefs') is the local television station of Naxos, but also covers the surrounding islands from Syros to Thira (Santorini). Its programmes are on-air from the afternoon until late evening, with a slideshow of local advertising filling the time inbetween.
These are the two main station idents in use by ZEYS. The first one may be said to bear a resemblance to the 'shatter' break bumper used by the national STAR Channel.
Real Video 8.5 File7s - 154k FileReal Video 8.5 File9s - 182k File
MP3 File6s - 24k FileMP3 File7s - 28k File


Just what is this station ident supposed to represent? The perils of letting someone loose with a PC and 3D rendering software...
Real Video 8.5 File8s - 117k File
MP3 File7s - 30k File

The same could be said about the station's news bulletins. The Pet Shop Boys for news music...?
Real Video 8.5 File19s - 285k File

AEGEAN Television, Syros

'AEGEAN Television' is another Syros-based television station serving the Cyclades. When it is not showing its own programmes, it rebroadcasts other stations: in 1999 and 2000 it was EuroSport, for most of 2001 it has been BBC World, and for the Summer of 2001, it has been showing MAGIC - an Italian music station.

Current form of the station's logo

Once a fairly common sight on the station, the test card is rarely seen these days. UHF 37 is its current frequency as transmitted from Syros, though UHF 65 now belongs to ZEYS.

BBC WORLD as rebroadcast in 2001 by AEGEAN with their permanent on-screen ID partially covering the BBC WORLD one.

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