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ANTENNA was the second privately owned station to come on air - back on December 31st 1989 - and has ever since constantly battled with MEGA over the top slot in the ratings war. ANT1 (one of the Greek words for 'one' being 'ena') is broadcast terrestrially throughout Greece, and is also one of the stations in the channel line-up on the Nova digital satellite broadcasting system.

ANT1 2001-2002 - October 1st 2001 onwards  

ANT1 'Better Together' - the new theme for the television year 2001-2002. Out go all the excellent idents and graphics from the last season to be replaced by this new set of symbols with quite a catchy backing theme.

ANT1 2000-2001  

Once again, a new television year began - with the start of the winter season in October - and ANT1 brought in a whole new look to its presentation style. This year, the theme was 'You are watching ANT1, you are watching with your heart'.

ANT1 1999-2000  

From October 1999, ANT1 continued the 1998-1999 theme 'All for You' but with a new set of graphics. However, these were dropped in favour of a different look for soring and summer 2000.

ANT1 1998-1999  

The start of the winter season 1998 saw ANT1 introduce the 'All for Your' style to its presentation.

ANT1 Past - Prior to October 1998  

A look back to the idents, bumpers and promos from past years on ANT1 - covering the time when the station was 'Number One'.

ANT1 News  

A look at the current and past titles of the main news bulletins broadcast on ANT1, along with those for the sports, weather and stock exchange news reports.

ANT1 Saint Valentine's Day  

The most romantic day of the year, as celebrated by ANT1.

ANT1 Carnival 

The fun and frivolity of Carnival and ANT1's on screen partying.

ANT1 Easter  

The most sombre and important event in the Greek calendar - Easter.

ANT1 Christmas  

Celebrate Christmas and New Year on ANT1 with the festive presentation from the past couple of years. Also included are ANT1's tenth birthday celebratory idents.

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