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ET1's festive idents and presentation graphics for Christmas and New Year

ET1's Santa Claus returned in this brand new and very stylish station ident for the 2000-2001 holiday season.
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The trailers used the current animation - but with the addition of a Christmas tree on the caption. The accompanying jingle was the same as the one used in previous years.
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In 1999, a ski-ing Santa Claus brought the viewers ET1's seasonal greetings. It appears that this animation was filmed for widescreen - but was always shown full width with black bars top and bottom.
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The 1999 festive season break bumper.
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The trailer style in 1999 was the same as that in 1998.

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During December 1999, two special station promotions were aired hailing the coming year 2000. In these, Good use was made of the ability to insert the name ET1 in to the Greek word for millennium.
'Change surroundings - enter the new millennium'
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