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Idents and graphics for Christmas and the New Year on STAR


Over the Christmas and New Year season 2000-2001, STAR's celebrities gave viewers their personal greetings and wishes - accompanied by festive saxophone music.
The station's trailers were decorated with a Christmas tree and holly wreaths.



For Christmas and New Year 1999-2000, STAR had the angelic voices of young children bringing us seasonal greetings.
Real Video File7s - 65k File

'Chronia Polla' - the traditional greeting meaning 'many years'.
Real Video File7s - 67k File
MP3 File7s - 16k File

And 'Happy Holidays' from STAR as well.
Real Video File9s - 164k File
MP3 File5s - 12k File

Falling Christmas trees and STAR logos in this ident from the 1999-2000 holiday.
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The style of the Christmas and New Year 1999-2000 trailer captions.

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