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Parts no longer used of MEGA's new look - introduced November 1999

Following its tenth birthday, MEGA brought in a completely new look on November 22nd 1999. Whilst most is still being used - see MEGA Current - parts have fallen by the wayside. One ident to go was this - the very first to be shown in the new style.
Real Video File11s - 189k FileMP3 File9s - 19k File
 MP3 File9s - 20k File

As far as I am aware, 'Beverly Hills 90201' is the only programme to have had its own dedicated break bumper on MEGA.
Real Video File7s - 164k File

Trailer captions in the new style. These were replaced in October 2000 with a revised look.

Download a complete trailer promoting films being shown in February 2000 on MEGA.

Real Video File25s - 235k File



'Prosekhos' was a short programme shown at various times during the day that highlighted the following or forthcoming programmes.

Along with the introduction of the new look to MEGA, Prosekhos was given a bright and breezy overhaul - shown on the left.

Real Video File7s - 113k File

However, not long into the new season, this fresh appearance was replaced with the dull dowdy look shown on the right.
Real Video File7s - 105k File


The station's presentation and production captions. TELETYPOS SA is the owner of 'MEGA Channel'.

Sponsors were acknowledged on these captions - shown before and after programmes - accompanied by this new jingle for the 1999-2000 season.
MP3 File18s - 72k File

All station graphics (C) TELETYPOS SA

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