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ANT1's presentation styles from winter 1999 till summer 2000

ANT1 continued the 'All for You' theme into the winter season 1999, but took the opportunity to bring in completely new graphics.

There were several variations of the main station ident - here are four of them.

Real Video File13s - 226k File
Real Video File14s - 235k File
Real Video File14s - 231k File
Real Video File14s - 237k File
MP3 File11s - 23k File

Trailers adopted the new look, and appeared in a 'sliding screens' effect. Here, the programme being trailed is 'Soul Sisters'.
Real Video File7s - 193k File

At the beginning of the season, this promotional trailer was aired, highlighting shows and celebrities appearing on ANT1 - all the time proclaiming it's 'all for you'.
 High quality
Real Video File105s - 2.8M File
MP3 File102s - 201k File
Lower quality
Real Video File104s - 587k File


Spring 2000 saw another change to ANT1's style - this time with new idents, break bumpers and trailers.
 Standard ident Clouds ident
Real Video File13s - 121k FileReal Video 8 File 9s - 115k File
MP3 File11s - 46k FileMP3 File 11s - 46k File
Break bumper
Real Video File11s - 89k File 
MP3 File10s - 41k File 

A trailer - in the new style - for the drama 'Law and Order'.
Real Video 8 File29s - 560k File

The season's sponsorship caption acknowledging the station's supporters.
MP3 File5s - 20k File

Presentation and production captions from the 1999-2000 season on ANT1.
 ANT1 Presents 1999
(top left)
Real Video File4s - 76k File
ANT1 Internal Production 1999
(middle left)
Real Video File5s - 96k File
ANT1 Internal Production 2000
(bottom right)
Real Video File3s - 51k File


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