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Easter presentation graphics as used by ANT1

Easter 2002

For Easter 2002, ANT1 had two main idents. The first echoes the religious significance of the celebrations and first was captioned 'Happy Easter', then 'Christ is Arisen' following the midnight resurrection.
 'Happy Easter'
Real Video 8.5 File18s - 450k File
MP3 File17s - 105k File
'Christ is Risen'
Real Video 8.5 File18s - 503k File
MP3 File17s - 103k File

The second of the two idents for 2002 emphasises Spring and fresh new beginnings.
 'Many Years'
Real Video 8.5 File12s - 325k File
MP3 File12s - 70k File

Easter 2001


In 2001, ANT1 took the angled blue line from its trailers and used many different scenes to create a variety of idents for the Easter period, all of which have the same jingle.
 'Happy Easter'
Real Video 8 File8s - 139k File
Real Video 8 File8s - 141k File
Real Video 8 File8s - 148k File
'Christ is Risen'
Real Video 8 File8s - 172k File
Real Video 8 File8s - 177k File
Real Video 8 File8s - 173k File
MP3 File16s - 61k File

A different style of break bumper also used for Easter 2001.
Real Video 8 File8s - 230k File
MP3 File8s - 32k File

Easter 2000

ANT1's ident for the celebration of Easter 2000. The backing music is an arrangement based on the three note phrase 'ANTENNA' in the season's 'All for You' promotion.
Real Video File13s - 353k File
MP3 File13s - 54k File

The corresponding trailer style with scenes from nature.
Real Video File7s - 122k File
MP3 File6s - 27k File

Easter 1998

This trailer animation dates from Easter 1998. It is trailing a programme for the Thursday before Good Friday.
Real Video 8 File5s - 53k File

The end caption for the above style of trailer. Here, for the film 'I Accuse the Men' at 21:30 on Good Friday.


Two example of break bumpers used to promote forthcoming programmes (here, 'Anno Domini') during Easter 1998.
 'Together with you, ANT1 bows its head to the majesty of divine drama.'
Real Video 8 File13s - 79k File
MP3 File11s - 45k File
'The emotion of divine drama, every evening : Anno Domini.'
Real Video 8 File13s - 85k File
MP3 File11s - 45k File

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