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The presentation graphics currently in use on ANT1

Introduced in 1999, the current title sequence of the main evening edition of ANT1 news which is broadcast from 19:25 until around 21:05 every day.
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This is the end title sequence used after all the main news bulletins on ANT1. However, after the late news on Sunday nights, full credits are run listing everyone who contributes to the preparation of the week's broadcasts, and these are played to this music.
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Daytime short news bulletin titles.
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At various times during the day and night, ANT1 broadcasts the main headlines in short bulletins entitled 'ANT1 News in One Minute'.
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When major breaking news stories interrupt regular programming, these 'Special Bulletin' titles are used.
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After the news, there are individual segments for sports news, reports from the Athens Stock Exchange and business world, and, of course, for the weather.
 Stock Exchange
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In Greece, ANT1 has the exclusive rights to re-broadcast the American CBS network's Evening News. This is shown every morning at 06:20 and is preceded Tuesday to Friday at 06:00 by 'ANTENNA Satellite News' - Greek news in English for broadcast in America by ANT1's satellite channel.

This ident is shown before the CBS News, and similar one is used immediately afterwards.

'The CBS News, exclusively on ANT1'
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'The news from Greece and all the world. This is ANT1 News at 12.'
 Late news titles 1998
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Late news end titles 1998
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The news headlines were covered in the ambitiously titled 'News in One Minute'.
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The sports and weather sections had their own short intros.
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A promotional trailer, from June 1998, for ANT1's main evening bulletin at 20:00 exactly. Well, perhaps not exactly - as by the middle of that year, the usual start time had slowly moved foward to 19:50. By the end of 1999, the bulletins were actually being scheduled earlier but were starting earlier still, and now in 2001 the news is listed at 19:30, but begins at 19:25... (ALPHA and MEGA are just as bad!)
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