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ANT1's presentation styles from winter 1998 till summer 1999

The start of the winter season 1998 on ANT1 saw a bright and glitzy promotional trailer featuring the station's famous faces - brought together to say that ANT1 was 'All for You'.
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Lower quality
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Throughout the 1998-1999 season, ANT1 used this illuminated symbol in its station idents - backed by the 'All for You' jingle.
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A variation of the station ident from November 1998.
Real Video 8 File8s - 148k File
MP3 File6s - 16k File

Giorgos Papadakis from 'Good Morning Greece' and Eleni Menegaki from 'Morning Coffee' celebrate eight years of 'number one' morning programmes on ANT1.
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MP3 File13s - 53k File

In preparation for the year 2000...
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This style of ANT1's trailer captions for this season.

'ANT1 Presents' front-caption animation from 1998. Occasionally, this was integrated into the titles of the following programme - the comedy 'Of Constantine and Eleni' being a good example.
Real Video 8 File7s - 132k File

Lastly, a look at the sponsorship caption style that ANT1 used back in 1998. The jingle is still in use today.
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