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The presentation graphics that were used on ANT1 during 2000-2001

The start of the winter season signalled the start of the new television year, and October 2000 brought yet another complete change to the look of ANT1's on screen identity.

As in previous years, all the celebrities and personalities from ANT1 were brought together for the annual station promotion - with the new theme 'You are watching ANT1, you are watching with your heart'.

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ANT1 had different station idents that were used according to the time of the day, and also with respect to the contents of the programmes they introduced. There were two versions of each as, just before Christmas, the jingles were changed to match the 'Heart' theme. However, they changed back to the originals at the beginning of May 2001. The idents were also used as break bumpers.

The green ident was played mainly at weekends. Note the especially mellow variation of the jingle that accompanies the second version.

Real Video 8 File11s - 280k FileReal Video 8 File11s - 237k File
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The purple ident was usually seen early evenings during the week before the main Greek drama serials.
Real Video 8 File11s - 265k FileReal Video 8 File11s - 184k File
MP3 File9s - 40k FileMP3 File9s - 39k File

Early weekday afternoons was the time to see the gold ident - the domain of comedies, American soaps, and talk shows.
Real Video 8 File11s - 264k FileReal Video 8 File11s - 225k File
MP3 File9s - 40k FileMP3 File9s - 40k File

The blue ident for use in the evenings during the week. Note the baubles behind the on-screen ID on the second version - these appeared for just a few days before Christmas 2000.
Real Video 8.5 File10s - 217k FileReal Video 8 File10s - 177k File
MP3 File9s - 40k FileMP3 File10s - 41k File


There is also a special ident for use during breakfast and daytime programmes, and another played during the late night part of the schedule. Both of the versions here are the originals introduced in October 2000.
 Daytime Night-time
Real Video 8 File11s - 106k FileReal Video 8 File 11s - 105k File
MP3 File10s - 43k FileMP3 File 10s - 43k File

Other idents include ones especially for children's programming shown in the 'ANT1 Kids' strand. Again, there are two versions of each - the difference being the interchangeable jingles.
 Original jingle Alternative jingle
Real Video 8 File9s - 213k FileReal Video 8 File 13s - 198k File
MP3 File8s - 35k FileMP3 File10s - 40k File


At the start of the Winter 2000 season, ANT1 began using a special ident to introduce films. In March 2001, this was replaced with a completely new style ident that forms part of the new branding for 'ANT1 Films'.
 Films ident 2000 'ANT1 Films' ident 2001
Real Video 8 File11s - 276k FileReal Video 8.5 File 13s - 222k File
MP3 File10s - 41k FileMP3 File 9s - 39k File

The 'ANT1 Films' ident adapted for use in this trailer for films on ANT1 in August 2001.


The original break bumpers for the new look - replaced by the idents shown above - all ended with the 'You're watching with your heart' caption and had briefer renditions of the jingles. Of these three, the red bumper never had a matching ident.
Real Video 8 File11s - 276k File
MP3 File8s - 35k File
Real Video 8 File9s - 231k File
MP3 File8s - 35k File
Real Video 8 File9s - 230k File
MP3 File8s - 36k File


The left column shows how ANT1's trailers incorporate the new branding.

However, some shorter trailers are bounded by the graphics shown in the right column (the colours vary) - and, personally speaking, I feel that these don't fit in at all.


At various points during the day there are presented highlights of forthcoming programmes.

The design of the station's sponsorship caption. The jingle played when this is shown has at last changed after being the same for many years. (Here's the short version of the new jingle).
MP3 File4s - 16k File

ANT1's presentation and production captions.

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