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The presentation graphics from previous seasons on ANT1

The main station ident, from June 1998.
Real Video 8 File8s - 150k File
MP3 File8s - 32k File

ANT1 liked to make good play of the fact it was constantly at the top of the ratings. In this station ident from 1998, the jingle makes it quite clear - 'ANTENNA - Number One'.
Real Video File11s - 100k File
MP3 File9s - 19k File

It even went as far as showing the ratings in the form of a break bumper.
Real Video File23s - 117k File
MP3 File19s - 39k File

For a while, two themed idents were used before films and information broadcasts (such as news and current affairs programmes). Both have particularly effective musical scores.
 Films Information
Real Video File18s - 313k FileReal Video File 23s - 402k File
MP3 File16s - 41k FileMP3 File 20s - 41k File

This break bumper from 1998 promotes 'ANT1 Weekend - the channel of the weekend'.
Real Video File9s - 95k File
MP3 File7s - 16k File

In common with other channels, ANT1 recommends theatrical productions.
Real Video File9s - 203k File

Presentation and production captions from years gone by.
 ANT1 Presents 1998
Real Video File4s - 48k File
ANT1 Internal Production 1998
Real Video File5s - 43k File
ANT1 External Production 1998
Real Video File6s - 58k File
ANT1 Presents 1996
Real Video 8.5 File8s - 79k File


Another ANT1 presentation caption. This one is also from 1996.
Real Video 8.5 File5s - 146k File

Copyright captions from the 1993-1994 and 1995-1996 seasons respectively.

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