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UTV : 2019 Miscellaneous Presentation
Tuesday 1st January 2019 heralded a refresh of ITV and UTV's presentation. Whilst ITV benefitted from the new idents of 'Project 52', UTV retained its current set - but both channels had new break bumpers and trailer graphics.
Break bumpers.
'Back Soon' and 'We're Back' break bumpers shown during films on UTV.
Trailer end-board graphics.

Citing restrictions to working practices during the COVID pandemic, UTV's presentation was 'temporarily' unified with that of the network's in April 2020 - all bumpers and idents were replaced with ones branded ITV. By the end of 2020, it appeared that the move was permanent. However, a year later in April 2021, UTV branded bumpers in the latest ITV style appeared on-screen leading to a mix of three styles: new bumpers, trailers for local programming in the old-style, and current ITV trailers and idents.
A mix of the styles in one flowing sequence introducing the ITV Lunchtime News on Saturday 24th April 2021.