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The titles of NET's news bulletins over the past years


On October 15th 2001, NET (and coincidentally MEGA and TEMPO) revamped the look of its news bulletins with the introduction of news titles, graphics and studio set.
The theme of using a magnifying glass to study individual topics has been carried over from the 2000-2001 titles, as has the one constant throughout the years - the title music.
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The current look of NET's weather bulletin titles.
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Early in 2000, a new set for the news bulletins was unveiled with a green and grey computer circuit board look. At the same time, new titles were introduced that followed the computer theme of an arrow clicking on NET to 'launch' the programme.

2001 saw the set change colour to deep blue - and the circuit board style dispensed with. The titles - with the same music as for the past years - remains however.

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When NET received its new look in October 1999, the titles were updated to incorporate the station logo.
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This is how the titles of NET's main news broadcasts looked back in 1998.
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