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Title-sequences from the station's news, sport and weather bulletins over the past few years

January 8th 2001 saw the inroduction of a new look to STAR's news programmes - with the most heralded change being the introduction of Terence Quick - for many years anchor of ANT1's main bulletin - as the evening edition's presenter.
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The new-look titles of the station's Stock Exchange report and weather forecast. Both continue to use their respective theme music from previous years.
 Stock Exchange Weather
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The title-sequences from STAR's news bulletins and weather reports from the start of the winter season 1999 until January 2001.
 News Weather
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Headlines and Sunday evening closing-credits music
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The following are the variations used for the titles for the news bulletins, sports reports and the weather forecasts in 1998.

In the sports titles, the announcement says that the report is sponsored by Seat.

 News (Short) News (Long)
Real Video File7s - 108k FileReal Video File 16s - 284k File
MP3 File6s - 12k FileMP3 File 15s - 32k File
 Sport Weather
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MP3 File6s - 14k FileMP3 File 7s - 16k File


Before 1999, at a point in an evening, the forecast temperatures used to be shown - accompanied by irrelevant background images and the following music.
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