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The titles of TEMPO's news bulletins

After a 12 hour countdown, at 19:06 on Monday October 15th 2001, the new look 'TEMPO News at 19:15' relaunched the station with bolder and brighter graphics than ever before.
The weekday evening broadcast is presented by TEMPO's new head of news and current affairs Nikos Evangelatos - recently head-hunted from ALPHA.
Interestingly, in the headline captions (shown as part of the main titles) the weather for Athens and Thessaloniki is listed, as is the state of the Athens Stock Exchange.
 Main news titles
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The previous style of the station's bulletins was introduced on 30th April 2001.
Then, TEMPO's main news broadcasts were at 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 and 00:00 with short summaries shown at other times during the day.
This is the title sequence for the news at 19:00. The accompanying theme music remained the same as was used in the programmes prior to this date.
 'Tempo News'
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The title-sequence used to introduce the sports bulletins on TEMPO.
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These were the titles for the 19:00, 21:00 and 00:00 programmes in use until April 29th 2001.
All of them share the same news main theme used by the new titles above.
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Real Video 8.5 File21s - 350k File
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This was the title sequence for the other news summaries shown throughout the day.
 'The News up to this Hour'
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