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GOLD : Special Presentation (1)

GOLD : Special Presentation (1)

Break bumper celebrating 'Only Fools and Horses at 30'.Break Bumper / Specific Programme / 2011
Posted on 8th October 2011

 Save Video  Watch ''Only Fools... at 30' bumper' 5sec454 ViewsAdd a comment'Only Fools... at 30' bumper

Trailer for 'Victoria Wood Sundays'.Trailer / Specific Programme / 2010
Posted on 19th October 2010

Trailer animation tweaked for the comedy series 'Gavin and Stacey'.Trailer / Day to Day / 2010
Posted on 26th August 2010

A summer of 'Comedy Madness' in 2010

'Comedy Madness' break bumper.Break Bumper / Summer / 2010
Posted on 26th August 2010

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Featuring the band Madness , a promo for 'Comedy Madness'.Promotion / Summer / 2010
Posted on 26th August 2010

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The Magnificent Seven

Seven stars of British comedy featured over seven weeks from January 2011.Promotion / Themed Season / 2010
Posted on 5th January 2011

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