Extra : 2012 Olympics BBC - General Presentation
Olympic Programming Trailers

The evolution of Olympic programming trailers across the BBC channels.
In early September 2011, trailers for Olympic programming started appearing with the BBC Olympic logo in the lower right hand corner of the frame.
At the beginning of June 2012, a trailer for 'Bert and Dickie' appeared with the incongruous purple 'BBC - The Olympic Broadcaster' badge badly positioned slightly left-of-centre below the BBC ONE logo. This was quickly replaced by the middle of the month with the much improved endboard shown on the right.
Further examples of BBC ONE Olympic programming endboards from July 2012.
And from BBC TWO, the endboard for the satirical comedy about the Olympics 'Twenty Twelve'.
Miscellaneous trailer endboards for radio and television. The Channel 4 'Superhumans' Paralympics Games trailer with the joint BBC Radio 5 Live/Channel 4 endboard was broadcast on BBC ONE during 'The One Show' on 19th July 2012.
'Stadium UK'-themed 'Next' slides.
BBC News
Countdowns to the top of the hour have for along time been a feature of the BBC News Channel. Now, in the run up to the 2012 London Olympics, two special edits have been created. This one is shown during the day.
The countdown shown late evening and overnight.
BBC News Channel 'fillers' - used when opting into the national news on BBC ONE. The first video is from 2nd August 2012, the second from a few days later on 8th August 2012.
The final highlights package from BBC News immediately following the London 2012 Closing Ceremony. (Also the last scheduled HD new broadcast - for a while, no doubt.)