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4seven : 2012 Idents
4seven is the latest offering from Channel 4 and will act as a catch-up service for the most popular programmes from the rest of Channel 4' channels. It will also reflect the popularity of shows by measuring the reaction to programmes as shown in newspapers, on-line, and via social-media such as Facebook and Twitter. As a nod to different preferences, the pre-launch promotions describe 4seven as 'for people who like watching TV - on a TV' rather than through on-demand services.

On-screen presentation has been devised by ManvsMachine having been appointed by Channel 4's own in-house team 4Creative. The idents reflect Channel 4's own style, with the remaining graphics using the 3D logo presented increasingly darker throughout the day. Also, the '7' section of the logo will react more 'aggresively' as the buzz around programmes increases.
The channel launched at 7pm on 4th July 2012 with this Swimming Pool ident, followed by the channel's pre-launch trailer (with the end caption amended to read 'New Channel' - but not included here). Following that, the first programme 'Supersize vs Superskinny' was introduced with a Twitter comment sent to 4seven.
The second ident is a garden setting.
In October 2012, a third ident was introduced - 4seven's take on a bird's eye view of the Gravelly Hill interchange north of Birmingham in the West Midlands, commonly known as 'Spaghetti Junction'.
4seven's fourth ident - Supermarket - was added in early 2013.
A one-off special Hallowe'en-themed ident broadcast just after 00:05 on Friday 1st November 2013.