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Pick TV : 2011 Presentation
At 6am 28th February 2011, Sky Three was rebranded as Pick TV. No finale, no fanfare, no goodbyes or hellos - just straight out of a break and into an announcerless ident. Whilst the programming remains very much as before, the only visible link to it being from the Sky stable is the quantity of trailers for shows on other Sky channels. It also now means that the only channel remaining on Freeview with the Sky brand is the news channel.
Pick TVPick TVPick TVPick TVPick TVPick TV
The channel's main ident is based upon the 'particle-themed' presentation of Sky Three's 2008 package which was carried into the month-long update to Sky Three in February 2011. The logo itself is a very uninspiring affair and not something you can associate with the professional look of Sky's other channels.
Pick TVPick TVPick TVPick TV
End-credit promotion animation.