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Other Channels : Past

Other Channels : Past


Flextech Television Network was a channel from Flextech (later to became Virgin Media Television) that was a showcase to programmes from the company's other channels - Bravo, Challenge, Living and Trouble. Broadcast from 2003, it was replaced by Virgin 1 on 1st October 2007.

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Ftn ident.Ident / Day to Day / 2003
Posted on 19th November 2011

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UKTV History

Launched in October 2002, UK History was the precursor channel to today's Yesterday. In March 2004, the channel was rebranded 'UKTV History'.

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An ident in the style of flicking through the pages of history.

Unfortunately, this is a classic example of a mistake still being made today by the companies that create presentation, in not understanding that what may look good at the design stage and during production, does not stand up to digital compression - especially on DTT.

cf BBC ONE's 'Glitterballs' ident and PBS UK's current idents.
Ident / Day to Day / 2004
Posted on 19th November 2011

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