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More4 : 2012 Idents
'The Digital Scrapbook'

More4 launched in October 2005 as Channel 4's more demanding 'adult entertainment' offering - but with the meaning of more 'insightful and intelligent' programming. Following six years of continually increasing ratings, it was decided that in 2012 the channel would be refocussed towards more lifestyle content.

The first part of the rebrand has been the introduction of More4's new look on 23rd January. The idents and presentation have been created by the design agency ManVsMachine and Channel 4's in-house team 4Creative. The second part is the schedule changes later in April when More4 becomes the 'Digital Scrapbook' encouraging viewers 'to collect, organise, share, discover and 'form deeper relationships' with Channel 4's factual content and its talent.'

Early in 2013, an alternative form-up of the logo on the idents was introduced with it sliding on in a grey box from the top of the screen.
Boardwalk ident.
Boat ident.
Café ident.
Tree ident.
Tree ident with alternative logo form-up.
Staircase ident.
Street ident.