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Horror : Special Presentation (1)
Beginning 18th April 2014, Horror Channel broadcast thirty stories from the inital run of the classic BBC science fiction series 'Doctor Who' over the Easter weekend. Starting with the very first story 'An Unearthly Child', starring William Hartnell as the Doctor, the 'Who on Horror Weekend' included stories from all seven original Doctors.

The promotional campaign was developed by London-based independent design studio Drover for Chello Zone.
The inital promo for the 'Who on Horror' weekend.
'Tardis' break bumper.
'Dalek' break bumper.
Carrying on from the special weekend, Horror is continuing to broadcast classic episodes daily through April 2014.
Promo for the classic episodes of Doctor Who being shown on Horror. There are two versions - one thirty seconds long, the other is forty-five seconds long.
Live-action Doctor Who promo.
Sci-Fi Zone 2017

Introduced April 2017, this is a three-hour block of science fiction series shown from 6pm weekdays on Horror.
Promo for the Sci-Fi Zone on Horror.
Sci-Fi Zone opening ident shown after a standard Horror ident to introduce the programming block.
Sci-Fi Zone 'Next' bumper shown before the break, showing which programme follows.
Sci-Fi Zone 'Now' bumper leading into the following programme.
Sci-Fi Zone closing ident shown at the end of the programming block.
Following the refresh of Horror's presentation in July 2017, the Sci-Fi Zone opening ident was amended accordingly.