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Presentation graphics used in past years on STAR Channel


Two examples of the style of STAR's trailer animations from the 2000-2001 season.
On the left, coming next - 'The Adventures of Sydney Fox'.
On the right, Saturdays and Sundays at 15:00 'Friends'.


The style of STAR's captions from 1998 until 2000.
At the top, a trailer for the film 'Wall Street' at 23:15 on Wednesday. Below that, the film 'Stargate' is coming next.

These trailer captions come from STAR's 1997-1998 season.
At the top, a trailer for the Monday evening film at 23:00, and on Wednesday at 21:00 'Profiler'.


A trailer animation for a Friday evening's programmes back in 1998.

21:00 Telecine
21:30 Xena - Warrior Princess
22:30 You're On The Air

 'Friday - refreshing programmes on STAR Channel'
Real Video File5s - 122k File


Throughout the celebrations of Easter in 2002, STAR replaced many of its break bumpers with these special animations.

The latter two are similar in style to the Easter presentation used in 2001.

 'Happy Easter'
Real Video 8.5 File9s - 195k File
MP3 File6s - 41k File
 'Happy Easter'
Real Video 8.5 File7s - 160k File
MP3 File5s - 34k File
 'Christ Has Arisen'
Real Video 8.5 File9s - 250k File
MP3 File8s - 49k File

In the same manner as Christmas 2000, STAR's personalities offered their Easter 2001 greetings and messages of goodwill to the viewers, backed by saxophone music played by Giorgos Katsaros.

Programme sponsorship plays an integral role in commercial television in Greece.

Until 2000, STAR acknowledged the sponsors of its programmes with a caption followed by a series of shots of the sponsors' products.

Real Video File29s - 153k File
MP3 File27s - 54k File


Nescafé is a big sponsor of cinema in Greece, and sponsors various station's films. In 1998, it was STAR's turn.
Real Video File7s - 99k File

'STAR Recommends' at the theatre - back in 1998.
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Short advertising features in association with the tv listings magazine 'Tiletheatis'. 'STAR and...' the Zodiac and Food.
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