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STARTEXT - now no longer broadcast - was no more than the following set of test pages. Perhaps with the greater use of the Internet, STAR believed it was better to concentrate on their web site instead of developing a full teletext service.

STAR P100 (2K)  
This is the main page and it announces itself as a 'Teletext test page with Greek characters'.

STAR P403 (2K)  
Self-explanatory test page showing imaginary arrivals at Athens' airport (west terminal I guess!)

STAR P800 (2K)  
Not very Greek - unsurprising as this page is more normally seen on the ancillary teletext services of Britain's ITV companies.

See 'Teletext Then and Now' on Mike Brown's 'mb21' web site

STAR P801 (4K)  
Subpage one of two showing all the frequencies that STAR Channel broadcasts on throughout Greece.

STAR P802 (1K)  
The colour bars test pattern.

STAR P803 (1K)  
A reasonable rendition of the channel's logo.

Archived September 2002 by Andrew Wood

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