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GOLD : Special Presentation (3)
Dad's Army : The Lost Episodes

Over the course of three nights from Sunday 25th August 2019, GOLD broadcast three 'lost' episodes of the war-time comedy 'Dad's Army'. First recorded and shown in 1969, these second season episodes didn't survive being wiped by the BBC and haven't been seen since - until in 2018, UKTV's GOLD announced plans to recreate them using the original scripts.
The special ident for 'Dad's Army : The Lost Episodes' with the iconic Union Flag arrowhead and the music of 'Who Do You Think You are Kidding, Mr. Hitler?'
The break bumper for the show featuring the 'Home Guard' arm bands. The second bumper ran as a countdown over the previous weej showing how many days until the start of the season.
Trailer graphics for the event.
A two-item menu for the 'Dad's Army' evenings.
Weeknight Rewind: 2000s

A strand of comedy shows from the 2000s, shown at 9pm each weeknight in March 2020.
Ident for the 'Weeknight Rewind: 2000s' strand.
Two break bumpers from the 'Weeknight Rewind: 2000s' strand.