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Eurosport HD : 2018 Olympics
Eurosport's presentation used for its coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The opening ceremony was Friday 9th February.
Eurosport HDEurosport HDEurosport HDEurosport HDEurosport HDEurosport HD
Eurosport's full Olympic ident - here used to introduce the Opening Ceremony. Shorter versions introduce each sport as shown in the examples below. Even briefer versions of the sport-specific idents are used as bumpers alongside the 'Advertising' bumpers.
Sport-specific idents
Eurosport HDEurosport HD
Freestyle Skiing ident.
Eurosport HDEurosport HD
Ski Jumping ident.
Eurosport HDEurosport HD
General break bumper.
Advertising bumpers
Eurosport HDEurosport HD
Biathlon break bumper.
Eurosport HDEurosport HD
Skiing break bumper.
Eurosport HDEurosport HD
Ice Hockey break bumper.
Eurosport HDEurosport HD
Skating break bumper.
Eurosport HDEurosport HDEurosport HDEurosport HD