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The presentation graphics currently in use on NET

NET's current presentation style is an update of the look that was introduced in October 1999 - the main difference being the addition of the ERT web site address to all the animations.

The main station ident shows jigsaw pieces which represent the different programme genres that NET specialises in - news, films, information and documentaries - joining together to form the whole - namely NET itself. This ident is always played at the start of the day's schedule - between the national anthem and a rundown of the programmes ahead.

Real Video 8 File17s - 425k File
MP3 File14s - 58k File

The break bumpers are composed of long pennons, bearing the station logo, flowing gracefully around in a circular motion. This one is used going into programmes from commercials ...
Real Video 8 File11s - 297k File
MP3 File11s - 46k File

... whereas this bumper is used when a programme finishes, or goes into a commercial break. This one starts with an overhead view of the pennons and finishes with them wrapping around themselves.
Real Video 8 File11s - 292k File
MP3 File11s - 47k File

During programme junctions, trails for forthcoming programmes are introduced with this animation - 'NET Suggestions' - first seen in 1999.
Real Video 8.5 File13s - 253k File
MP3 File10s - 43k File

Film trailers are bounded by these captions. The film here is 'Prisoners in Paradise' shown at 23:00 on a Sunday evening.

Programme rundown slides are normally shown first thing in the morning. These are for Sunday November 28th 1999 with 'The Best Moments of Mr Bean' at 8pm and at 11.15pm Charlie Chaplin.

NET now uses captions to list the sponsors of its programmes - this is the current style.

Since May 1st 2000, all programmes (except news broadcasts) and films have to be categorised according to content.
Full details in MEGA Current

Should there be any faults or even a break in the broadcast, NET shows this caption - usually without any sound.

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