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NET's presentation from 1997 through till Easter 2000

When NET - 'New Hellenic Television' - was launched in 1997 after the restructuring of ET1 and the then second channel ET2, its aim was to provide a base for more news, information and documentary style programming. This news oriented edge was reflected in the presentation developed for the station.

Originally at the start of the day, following the national anthem and preceding a look at the day's schedules, this animation was played with the announcement 'Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Welcome to New Hellenic Television'.

Real Video File25s - 650k File
MP3 File24s - 61k File

There were two break bumpers from 1997 to October 1999. The only difference between the two was that one had a slightly extended backing jingle. Either bumper was used at any point and both could be considered the station's ident.
 Extended version
Real Video File11s - 265k File
MP3 File10s - 25k File
Standard version
Real Video File7s - 170k File


In October 1999, the whole of NET's presentation was changed to a brand new, more softer style - replacing the hard newsy edge of the previous two years.

The main station ident reflected NET's four main programming types - news, films, information and documentaries - as pieces of a jigsaw coming together to make the 'complete picture' of the station's output.

Real Video File16s - 267k File
MP3 File13s - 54k File

The new break bumpers were full of colour. Both were composed of coloured pennons - complete with the NET logo - flowing and rotating in time to the backing jingle. The first - used at the start of programmes and after commercial breaks - takes a front on view.
Real Video File11s - 267k File
MP3 File11s - 46k File

The second break bumper - used at the end of programmes and to introduce commercial breaks - is the same animation but looking from above.
Real Video File11s - 225k File
MP3 File11s - 47k File

For Easter 2000, a celebratory version was created in red and white. The pennons bear the salutation 'Happy Easter', and under the NET logo is the traditional greeting 'Christ is Arisen' showing that this was broadcast from Easter Sunday onwards.
Real Video File13s - 318k File

New animations were also introduced in 1999 that reflected the type of programme that was to follow. Each of them has a vague computer analogy in that an arrow clicks on NET, then clicks on one of many icons on the right which represents the different programme types.

Here, left to right, are the animations for news, recommendations (used before trailers), a series on the 20th century, magazine programmes, documentaries and films.

 News ident
Real Video File14s - 220k File
MP3 File12s - 31k File
Documentary ident
Real Video File14s - 222k File
Film ident
Real Video File14s - 246k File


For Easter 2001, NET kept its standard idents and break bumpers, but replaced its regular trailers with this animation.
The candle on the red and white pennons in the final slide is from last year's Easter break bumper.
The film being trailed was 'A Passage to India' at 22:00 on Easter Sunday.


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