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Originally, teletext televisions were only capable of displaying Latin characters - hence the need to transliterate the Greek alphabet to the Latin alphabet. As such, ET3's teletext service ERTEXT 3 has two identical sets of pages - one using Greek characters (for the latest televisions) and one set using Latin characters.

ET3 P100 (4K)  
ERTEXT 3 on ET3 has two 'front' pages - the one to left being on P100.

'ERT3 transmits all its teletext information in Greek characters (see contents pages 105-107) and in Latin characters (see contents pages 102-104). For any problem in the transmission of teletext, telephone...'

ET3 P101 (4K)  
This is the corresponding page - P101 - shown using Latin characters.

For some time now, ET3 has been running this promotion showing the wealth of information that the ERTEXT 3 teletext service provides.
Real Video 8.5 File61s - 1.6MB File

ET3 P102-103-104 (13K)

ET3 P105-106-107 (14K)


120/173 Air Schedules (Thessaloniki)
136/189 Air Schedules (Athens)
226/227 Sports
292/296 Ferry Schedules
300/310 Libraries
320/327 Boroughs and Communities
321/328 Borough Services
334/355 News
376/397 Duty Hospitals
422/432 Greek Embassies Abroad
441/462 Shows
530/542 Theatres
484/499 Special Announcements
514/517 Tax Offices
522/523 Internet
526/526 Cinemas
558/560 Bus Services (KTEL)
562/565 KTEO Information
594/595 Ports Information
596/599 Museums
602/613 Press and Media Information
624/627 Nomarchs
710/711 Road Assistance
712/718 Railway Schedules
724/729 Foreign Embassies
734/738 Weather Forecast
742/744 Exhibitions
746/747 Guide to ERT3 Radio
858/859 Taxis
790/819 798/827 806/835 ET3 NET ET1
860/861 Pharmacies
630/640 Ski Centres in Greece
679/891 Athens Stock Exchange
882/891 Useful Telephone Numbers
112-3/110-1 Teletext User Guide

ET3 P173 (2K)  
Macedonia Airport - Thessaloniki

174 Services
175 International Departures
178 Domestic Departures
182 International Arrivals
185 Domestic Arrivals

ET3 P285 (2K)  

The results from the 60th Proto games held on Sunday 29th July 2001.

The Winning sequences is 7172804 and the prizes range from 1 top prize of 100,000,000 Drachmes (around 293,000) to 27,950 prizes of 435 Drachmes (1.28)

ET3 P295 (2K)  
Passenger and Car Ferry Timetables

296 Port of Thessaloniki
297 Port of Kavala
298 Port of Volos
299 Port of Alexandroupoli

ET3 P355 (2K)  
ERT 3 Teletext News

365 National
368 International
369 Sports

Provided by the Macedonian News Agency

ET3 P499 (2K)  
Special Announcements - Thessaloniki

501 D.E.I. (Electricity)
502 E.I.A.Th. (Water)

ET3 P501 (2K)  
Special Announcements

No scheduled power cuts by the D.E.I.

TELETEXT - Special Announcements Pages

ET3 P523 (2K)  

We inform you that the address of the site of ERT3 on the Internet is


ET3 P527 (2K)  

528 Winter - Thessaloniki
529 Summer - Thessaloniki and Halkidiki

Greece has a tradition of outdoor cinemas which, for obvious reasons, tend only to be open in the Summer!

ET3 P528 (5K)  
Winter Cinemas - Thessaloniki
Programme from 27/7/01 to 2/8/01

Village Center

Screen 1 - Closed
Screen 2 - Tarzan
Screen 3 - Closed
Screen 4 - Codename 'Swordfish'
Screen 5 - Shriek
Screen 6 - 13 Days

S - Continuing
NT - New Film

ET3 P529 (3K)  
Summer Cinemas - Thessaloniki
Programme from 27/7/01 to 2/8/01

ALEX Ag Sofias-Olympou
Nero's Memories

CINE ALSOS - Dendrof.Sykeon
Shaft (until 29/7)
Charlie's Angels (30/7 - 1/8)

APOLLON - Yiorgos Avenue
The Mexicans

AVRA - Kalamaria
Hannibal (until 29/7)
Shaft (30/7 - 1/8)
Impossible Mission (2/8 onward)

ET3 P640 (2K)  
Skiing News

No centre has the required amount of snow.

The Skiing Centre of Greece

Better try the beach then...!

ET3 P718 (2K)  
Timetables of OSE (Greek Railways Organisation)

International Timetables
719 Departures from Thessaloniki

Domestic Timetables
720 Thessaloniki - Athens
721 Thessaloniki - Kozani - Florina
722 Thessaloniki - Alexandroupoli - Ormenio
723 Athens - Thessaloniki

ET3 P719 (3K)  
International Timetables of OSE
From Thessaloniki

Destinations and departure times to Europe

334 'Hellas Express' at 18:16
Skopje - Belgrade
394 at 07:23
Skopje - Ljubljana
460 'Balkan Express' at 22:04 (Wagonlit)
Sofia - Bucharest - Budapest

Information Telephone Numbers 517517-8

Continued on the next page

ET3 P738 (2K)  

739 1/2 General Forecast
739 2/2 Thessaloniki Local
739 2/2 Athens Local

740 Sunbathing News

ET3 P819 (3K)  
Television Schedule for ET3

A seven-day guide from Saturday 28/7/01 to Friday 3/8/01

For transmitter and reception faults on ET1, NET and ET3 in Northern Greece call 031 299633. For the rest of Greece call 01 7756865-7701911 Ext 141

ET3 P824 (10K)  
Television Schedule for ET3

Programmes for Thursday 1st August 2001

(E) denotes a repeat broadcast

ET3 Christmas 1999 P100 and P101 (6K)  
At the end of 1999, ERT3 sends two thousand wishes for the new millennium, and hopes for a happy new year in 2000

ET3 Summer 200 P100 and P101(10K)  
The 'front page' from Summer 2000 and Summer 2001 wishing a happy holiday

ET3 Christmas 2000 P100 and P101 (6K)  
From December 2000

The teletext service of ET3 wishes its readers a happy new year


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