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ET1's presentation graphics from the past few years

ET1 successfully combined a billowing flag emblem in the national colours with a rousing fanfare to create this superb station ident which was in use until November 2000. A minor change was made in June 2000 by the addition of ERT's web site address.
Real Video File11s - 192k FileReal Video 8 File11s - 273k File
MP3 File9s - 38k File  

As well as the main station ident above, there were several variations which were used according to the programmes they preceded. There are also subtle differences in the fanfares.
 Greek films ident 1999
Real Video File14s - 234k File
MP3 File10s - 21k File
Children's ident 1999
Real Video File11s - 287k File
Drama ident 1999
Real Video 8 File11s - 293k File
Foreign films ident 1999
Real Video File14s - 209k File
Sports ident 1999
Real Video File11s - 282k File
MP3 File9s - 39k File


Early 1999 saw a new look to the other parts of ET1's presentation with the introduction of a theme based on a rotating cube. In this break bumper - used until December 1999 - each of the five senses is represented, reminiscent of the animation it replaced.
Real Video File11s - 165k File
MP3 File8s - 22k File

The trailer animations incorporated the cube with images of the passing of time. This style was used until October 2000.
Real Video File7s - 167k File
MP3 File6s - 16k File


A special break bumper celebrating the year 2000 was used until November - at which time the current style of ET1's presentation was fully introduced.
Real Video File5s - 105k File
MP3 File5s - 11k File

During the summer holiday of 2000, ET1 played this special sequence during commercial breaks. It features a montage of images evoking the warmth and spirit of summer.
Real Video 8 File20s - 493k File
MP3 File20s - 80k File

In 1999, promotional trailers for forthcoming theatrical productions on ET1 began with this animation - 'ET1 Invites You'.
Real Video File 9s - 170k File
MP3 File8s - 18k File

These two break bumpers, which were last used towards the end of 1998, feature all the five senses.
Real Video File11s - 229k File
Real Video File9s - 240k File

The trailers used in 1998 had a clockwork theme - and each day was represented by a different colour.
Real Video 8 File15s - 378k File
MP3 File14s - 57k File

This trailer, also from 1998, was for programmes shown every day during the week.
Real Video File 6s - 144k File
MP3 File6s - 25k File

Two captions from 1999. The first was trailing a Greek series on ET1, and the second shows a Thursday evening programme menu.

A very plain programme slide - from 1998 - trailing the drama series 'Maria Izabel' shown daily at 12.30pm.

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