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The presentation graphics in use on ET1 during the television year 2000-2001

Unveiled at the beginning of December 2000 this was the ET1 station ident that replaced the billowing flag of the previous ident - though flag elements had been retained in the new design.
Real Video 8 File13s - 173k File
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A little later on in December, the corresponding break bumper was introduced - completing the station's transformation to the 'vertical stripes' look.
Real Video 8 File11s - 99k File
MP3 File6s - 27k File

From the end of June 2001 throughout the Summer, this ident replaced the standard ident shown before programmes on ET1.
Real Video 8.5 File15s - 240k File
MP3 File14s - 55k File

The new look trailers were first used during the Sydney Olympic games in October 2000 ...
MP3 File2s - 12k File

... when ERT carried exclusive coverage of the games in Greece. This is the combined station ident and break bumper used during the event.
Real Video 8 File8s - 80k File
MP3 File8s - 35k File

At regular times during the day, in-vision announcements are made about forthcoming programmes. This spot on ET1 is called 'In the Programme Flow'

Like the other broadcasters, ET1 has strong connections with the theatre. Consequently, there are productions that ET1 recommends that its viewers should see. Trailers for such recommendations were introduced with either of these animations.
The 'orange' one had been in use for for some time now, whilst the 'stripes' animation was introduced during Summer 2001.


This is the 'Claymation' style animation that was shown to introduce programmes for children on ET1.
Real Video File50s - 1.4MB File

Should a film or programme be interrupted by the news or a lottery draw, for example, one of these captions is shown when the broadcast continues.

Like the private stations, ET1 now uses captions for its sponsors rather than showing product shots. The first was used at the introduction of the new look and was later replaced by the second style.
MP3 File4s - 17k File


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