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The presentation graphics and news titles currently in use on ET3

At the end of September 2001 - the start of the new television year - ET3 unveiled a brand new symbol, heralding a new look to its presentation.
This caption is shown before the start of the day's programmes in the mornings on ET3.

At the commencement of the day's programmes, this animation is played. The logo used is a design that was common to all the ERT television stations - ET1, ET2 and ET3.
Real Video 8 File17s - 234k File
MP3 File15s - 60k File

For once, ET3 now has a full and proper station ident - normally played at least once during breaks between different programmes.
Real Video 8.5 File16s - 395k File
MPEG Layer 3 File14s - 58k File


A shortened version of the ident animation is used as the station's break-bumper - and it is accompanied by a short fanfare.

The station's news broadcasts have not been left out of this re-branding. The current titles now feature the new ET3 symbol.
Real Video 8.5 File18s - 431k File
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